Fast Charger™ - Ieverna

Fast Charger™ - Ieverna

Fast Charger™ - Ieverna
Fast Charger™ - Ieverna
Fast Charger™ - Ieverna
Fast Charger™ - Ieverna
Fast Charger™ - Ieverna
Fast Charger™ - Ieverna
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Fast Charger™ - Ieverna

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Three devices, one single cable

Fast Charger charges all your devices ultra-fast↑ , delivering speeds up to a combined 25-watts.

Put your smartphone on the wireless charging stand, Apple Watch on the magnetic charging module, and your AirPods or Buds on the wireless charging pad.

Besides charging like a boss, the charger gives a great touch to any space, from the office to the bedroom. 

Intelligent Light Indicator

Fast Charger is equipped with a bright glowing light.

 A green light indicates standby mode. A blue light indicates optimal charging.

A flashing green & blue light alerts you when your devices are not charging correctly. It can be due to foreign object detection, misalignment, or other errors.

 The light can be turned on & off with a light touch on the base of the charger. 

Universal Compatibility

We engineered Fast Charger to be Qi-compatible, which allows you to charge all Qi-enabled devices, including Samsung, Apple & many other brands.

 The charging pad is case-compatible and will charge through most lightweight cases, so you never need to remove your phone from its case to charge.

Charge in Portrait Or Landscape

Fast Charge can charge in any orientation.

Scroll through chats in portrait mode or watch your videos in landscape mode, all while charging.

A stable charging base with an anti-slip silicone design makes sure that the charger stays in its place. 

That's what we call flexible. 

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