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Electroplating Heat-dissipating iPhone cases

Electroplating Heat-dissipating iPhone cases

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New generation technology | Electroplated heat dissipation Design

Keep your phone cool with this ultra-thin PC case for iPhone. Thanks to its heat dissipation technology, your phone won't overheat, even with prolonged use, and you'll never have to worry about hot hands again. It's the perfect combination of protection
and convenience.

About the design

Crafted from high-quality galvanized materials, the sleek silhouette is designed to offer long-lasting elegant style and a fine grip for all occasions. The gradation of the material lends the design an extra touch of elegance and sophistication.

Corning glass lens protection

The high-resolution, independent, explosion-proof 8K lens hood features advanced shock and scratch protection functions that protect the lens from scratches. Long-term use does not affect photographic quality.

Reasons for choice


    Luxurious comfort and timeless looks

  • High-resolution 8K independent lens

  • Full coverage of cooling ports

  • Antifouling, waterproof and scratch-resistant coating

  • Fineness of 0.4 mm

Excellent heat dissipation
Innovative cooling vents reduce surface temperature, offering superior protection and temperature control for your phone. It maintains a better temperature no matter how long the phone is in use.


Withstands the test of time

The design is as thin as 0.4 mm and fits the ergonomic grip, bringing it closer to the feel of a naked phone. An anti-fingerprint coating has been added to the surface, so you can stay clean forever.



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