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ShadeClip™ - shade cloth clips

ShadeClip™ - shade cloth clips

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Clips for shade cloths - Ideal for fastening umbrellas, tarpaulins, shade cloths and other knitted fabrics.

Can fix a structures shade cloths, hail nets, bird nets, etc.


✔️Ausreichende Quantity - Included in this package of Saker Shade Clips are 20/40 black clips for sun shade netting. This is a generous amount, providing enough clips to meet your daily needs a protection for your garden and plants. This gives you enough clips to secure your sun shade cloth or netting without having to purchase additional clips.

✔️Zuverlässiges Material - The Saker Shade Clips are made of a durable, high quality plastic. This material ensures that the clips will not degrade quickly and will withstand strong winds and erratic weather conditions. The clips hold your parasol securely and protect it from strong winds. At the same time, they provide effective protection against birds and UV rays.

Easy to assemble

The plastic Saker Shade Clips are easy to install and require little effort. It's as simple as clipping the clip to the desired location and pressing firmly on the plastic tip to secure it firmly in place. To attach the parasol, you can simply pull a rope through the hole of the clip after attaching the clip. This simple installation allows everyone to use the clips without any problems.

Suitable size:

✔️Die Plastic Saker: Shade Clips are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. There are a variety of netting fabrics that can be used as sun shade and heat protection netting, including awnings, bird netting, garden netting and agricultural netting. These clips simultaneously create a cool and safe environment for you to relax in your garden, and provide effective protection from sun damage and birds.

✔️Die black clips: 
for sun shade netting fit most shade cloth with mesh. They don't take up much space in your storage room because they are small, lightweight and convenient to store. These clips make it easy to install your shade cloth without worrying about the size or weight of the fabric. 

On the first 100 pieces we grant an incredible one-time discount of 50%! Do not miss this unique opportunity!



Material: plastic
Package size: 21 x 18.5 x 4cm


Package contents:

20 pieces/40 pieces ShadeClip


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