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1+1 Free | Drainy™️ Prevent Clogging Your Drain

1+1 Free | Drainy™️ Prevent Clogging Your Drain

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This is the perfect way to make sure your drains are clean and tidy!

You can keep a clean sink by making sure no food particles get into it. Their latest cleaning method, this sink strainer, can help you keep your kitchen effortlessly clean.


Eliminate odor with the kitchen strainer for food scraps!


✔ Effortless: This colander has a large capacity and can suck up crumbs, berries or anything else. It easily attaches to your kitchen faucet, so you can pour food scraps into it effortlessly instead of throwing them down the drain.

✔ Safe: The strainer is made of durable plastic, but you don't have to worry about harmful substances. It has fast-draining pores and doesn't clog easily.

✔ Save money: Save your hard-earned money! You don't have to pay a plumber to clean that smelly drain. You can prevent those clogging problems with this strainer.


Material: PP
Dimension: 23x21x8cm

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  • Anne T. ★★★★★

    Definitely worth the investment. I am really happy with my purchase. Thank you!!! Your company really stands and stands behind your product 100%.

  • Olga P. ★★★★★

    At first, I was hesitant to buy this product. I thought it wouldn't necessarily be useful for me. As I used it more and more, I adopted it! Today, I can't do without it. I recommend it with my eyes closed!

  • Camilla K. ★★★★★

    After seeing the ad on Pinterest ads, I was immediately convinced! I have no regrets, the product is really excellent