iFort™ Creative Building Set

iFort™ Creative Building Set

iFort™ Creative Building Set
iFort™ Creative Building Set
iFort™ Creative Building Set
iFort™ Creative Building Set
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iFort™ Creative Building Set

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Lillia S.

"This was a great purchase to teach teamwork, creativity, and problem solving. My kids range in age (elementary school) but everyone was able to have a part in building it and then playing in the fort once completed. It also gave them an activity to do together that took up a lot of time which is nice--less screen time!"


Unplug and Innovate

iFort is more than just fun. It helps kids step away from screens and build skills like problem-solving. While they play, they're also learning!

Collaborative Play, Collective Growth

iFort brings everyone together. Kids, siblings, even parents join in the fun, teaching everyone about teamwork and bonding.

Dream and Build Big

With iFort, there's no limit to what you can create. It challenges kids to use their imagination and dream up new ideas, prepping them for a future of innovation.

Child Development Backed by Science

1. Fosters Cognitive Development

Fact: Interactive play has been scientifically linked to enhancing cognitive skills in children.

"Toys that promote pretend play, like building forts, can aid in the cognitive development of children, helping them understand abstract concepts and relationships." - American Academy of Pediatrics


2. Boosts Physical Motor Skills

Fact: Building and constructing with physical toys helps improve children's fine motor skills.

"Toys requiring hand-eye coordination, like building kits, can be instrumental in refining a child's physical skills." - Early Childhood Education Journal


3. Enhances Social and Emotional Skills

Fact: Toys that encourage group play enable children to develop essential social and emotional skills.

"Cooperative toys can help children understand empathy, express their feelings, and learn to collaborate with peers." - National Association for the Education of Young Children


4. Limits Excessive Screen Time

Fact: Engaging toys offer an active alternative to screens, reducing passive screen time and its associated drawbacks.

"The World Health Organization recommends limiting passive screen time for children, highlighting the benefits of active play in fostering cognitive, physical, and emotional health." - World Health Organization


5. Cultivates Creativity and Imagination

Fact: Interactive toys, especially building kits, bolster a child's imaginative prowess.

"Open-ended toys, like building sets, can be instrumental in boosting a child's creative thinking and imaginative play." - Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts

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