PrivacyGlass™ - LuminaGuard PrivacyGlass

PrivacyGlass™ - LuminaGuard PrivacyGlass

PrivacyGlass™ - LuminaGuard PrivacyGlass
PrivacyGlass™ - LuminaGuard PrivacyGlass
PrivacyGlass™ - LuminaGuard PrivacyGlass
PrivacyGlass™ - LuminaGuard PrivacyGlass
PrivacyGlass™ - LuminaGuard PrivacyGlass
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PrivacyGlass™ - LuminaGuard PrivacyGlass

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Experience the perfect blend of privacy and natural light with privacy windows !

Introducing: PrivacyGlass™: your gateway to tranquility, comfort and peace of mind. This exceptional window glass is designed to provide an elegant solution to enhance privacy in your home or office without compromising natural light.


✓Privacy: window film is an elegant alternative to windows or blinds and provides maximum privacy in your room. It is adjustable, which means you can cut it as you wish. Our film is wide and long enough to cover doors, floor-to-ceiling windows and more. Achieve the ultimate in privacy with our reflective film.

✓ Security:
Security film is designed solely to reduce the breakage of glass after collisions, vandalism and burglaries. This film is widely used in outbuildings, garages and sheds, as well as in public buildings such as schools, stores, banks and so on.


✓Temperature control: The heat generated by the sun can gradually build up during the day and heat up the rooms to an uncomfortable temperature, especially in conservatories. Solar control films reduce heat buildup and moderate temperatures so you can enjoy your conservatory year-round.

✓ Privacy and seclusion: 
Our privacy glass for windows provides a high level of privacy without interfering with natural light. It uses advanced technology that allows you to enjoy a clear view from inside while obscuring the view from outside. Create a retreat where you can work, relax, or spend time with loved ones away from prying eyes.

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