A Harvard study showed that over 86% of people judge physical cleanliness by tooth color. Don't wait any longer! 
Instant Whitening
Holds up all day
Safe for your teeth
Removes surface stains

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"I use it every day, the vacuum is excellent quality. It is light, powerful suction, nothing stands up to it!!!"

Jenna S. ★



Remove dust and crumbs from the hardest to reach areas of your vehicle or home.

 Unlike conventional and expensive car vacuums, the cordless handheld vacuum has a thin, powerful head that can also fit through cracks in upholstery or door hangers.

✅ Compact and wireless design
✅ Powerful and quiet
✅ USB charging
✅ Including car charger
✅ Washable and reusable filter
✅ No dust bag required
✅ Versatile

✓ Easy cleaning without damage - Our soft brush head with 2 different heads makes it easy to clean glass , lamps or keyboards without scratching or damaging. Use the brush to loosen or blow out difficult areas while removing any dirt.

✓ Rechargeable and cordless - Easy cleaning without cables or extension cords. Rechargeable battery lasts over 6 hours so you can effortlessly clean your vehicle on the go or in the driveway.

✓ Lightweight and comfortable in the hand - The lightweight, compact design allows it to be stored in the glove compartment or in small spaces to keep it from falling on the back seat. Plus, unlike the bulky vacuum hoses found in car washes, you can only use it with one hand.


  • Size: 16.5*14.5*4 cm (approximately)
  • Weight: 365 g
  • Battery: 2 000 mAh
  • Vacuum suction power: 6000 Pa

Is Ieverna Bright Pen safe?
Yes! Ieverna Bright White Pen utilizes hydrogen peroxide, a common and proven ingredient used in teeth whitening and even in toothpastes to achieve amazing results.
How to use it?
1. Clean your teeth.

2. Remove cap and gently twist dial form bottom until serum reaches on brush.

3. Apply a layer of the whitening serum to each tooth surface. Then keep mouth closed for at least 15 minutes.

4. For best result repeat every day for 3 days, then use as needed for weekly touch-up.
What if I have sensitive teeth?
Ieverna Bright White Pen uses only 6% hydrogen peroxide level to help avoid tooth sensitivity. For sensitive teeth, we also recommend spacing applications further apart as to not increase tooth sensitivity.  
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