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BioMats™ | Organic Grass Seed Mat

BioMats™ | Organic Grass Seed Mat

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Create the perfect lawn - just roll, water and let it grow!

The organic grass seed mat is your new all-in-one growing solution that makes everything easier. All you need is to roll out the mat on your preferred surface, water it thoroughly and see how it grows in about five weeks!

It is perfect for all lawns, no matter what the climate! It ensures rapid germination and uniform growth.

Biodegradable grass seed mat


  • ALL IN ONE GROWING SYSTEM - "All-in-one" turf seed, fertilizer and mulch in one easy-to-use "roll-out" growing system. Each seed is perfectly placed at 120% of the recommended seeding rate.
  • EASILY ROLL, WATER AND GROW - Each roll is an all-in-one solution for growing grass. Our repair roll growing system stays green, even in extreme conditions like dense shade or scorching sun.
  • BIODEGRADABLE GRASS SEED MAT - Can be refolded, the product itself without seeds is a degradable fabric; The role is to prevent seeds from being washed away by water; Heat preservation; Humidification; Shading; Play a full role in germination. The biodegradable fabric prevents the seeds from being washed away, so it is cheaper, easier and lighter than traditional sod.

  • 20 SQUARE FOOT FLICK AND REPAIR ROLL - Our product is super lightweight and easy to roll out and revive weak lawns. Our seed roll aggressively spreads and compacts for a durable lawn.
  • PERFECT FOR SUN, SHADE AND DROP - The product is suitable for full sun and dense shade, has a fine leaf texture and is medium to severe drought resistant.



    ✔ No mowing, no watering, no fertilizing. Easy to clean, quick to dry and mildew resistant.

    ✔ Perfect for outdoor rugs, such as garden, lawn, patio, landscape, backyard, deck, porch and other outdoor places.

    ✔ Appearance and texture of real grass, looks like real natural grass, feels like real grass.High performance yarn for higher elasticity, high temperature resistance, fade resistance, superior durability.

    ✔ Drains and dries well. Non-toxic, safe for pets and children.


    Laying out our lawn is very simple. Just mark and dig an area, lay out the base, roll out the sod and seal things up.

    Product Size: 1 roll 2.37 M x 2.98 M.
    Material: Organic fabric, lawn seed rooting agent, nutrient organic fabric.

     Biodegradable Grass Seed Mat Fertilizer Growth Lawn Planting Garden Picnic  | Fruugo NL

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